60 Tweet Drafts by Alyssa Ciamp

Being alone for too long makes me feel guilty and paranoid but then again being w other people also makes me feel guilty and paranoid hm 

I hope on international women’s day every woman gets what she wants including but not limited to consensually pegging their SO

I'm sorry for online shopping at work I'm sorry for my lack of productivity and for the space I just so happen to take up 

This time last yr I was only talking abt how bisexual I am while drunk. Proud I'm doing it sober now too 

Scary Halloween costume idea: the culmination of all of the mistakes ur parents made when raising you

Me: I shouldn't place my self-worth in my productivity, I should just create bc I love it!

Me later: *bases how I feel abt myself from online likes*

Mood: having a mental conversation w/ a therapist in preparation for a real therapy appointment later 

If David Attenborough narrated my life he'd prob just talk abt how I masturbate while wearing my Apple Watch 2 c what my heart rate is

Is dying ghost-puberty?

Philadelphia Cryptid: an on time Septa train 

Woke up w/ a cramp in my neck & what looks like blood under my fingernails

Do u ever dissociate so much during social interactions that u feel drunk? But you're still having fun??? Hm

I'm afraid if I make a mistake I will become that mistake & forever be That Mistake & I apologize 4 the space I take up 2 cover all my bases

Am I easily annoyed bc ppl are annoying or bc I have intimacy issues & don't know how 2 b close w/ ppl w/o being judgmental hm 

Thinking abt why I make myself miserable & wonder why it matters in the end.

Eating cereal during the national anthem

Remember that game where Mario & Luigi were inside of Bowser vore style

realizing that I go uh…a little overboard for things I’m excited abt then feel guilty for getting so excited

why is it immediately when I turned 23 in April that I realized I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing nor how to live my life?

U kno in my wedding vows I will not b saying “until death do us part” bc we will still love each other as ghosts

Wowie what a great therapy session! Love digging deep into my guts 2 figure out why I think I’m broken

Deleting tweets is not a hobby…it’s evidence of a deeper insecurity and fear of judgment I’m trying 2 work on in therapy

I’m thorny (cranky & horny!)

Endless breakfast couldn’t even fix my broken heart rn

The hardest part of trying 2 get over a long-term relationship breakup, even a mutual one, is when u find notes u exchanged in HIGH SCHOOL & get nostalgic all over again

My least favorite quality abt myself is that I cried during la la land

It’s been just over a week since the breakup and I’m already beating myself up 2 do more

I’m now constantly the third wheel w/ my parents

So while I’m dealing w/ rebuilding my personal life & myself stuff at work is hitting the absolute fan since my boss passed away

Just want some1 who kisses good to watch snake documentaries w/ me

Just found out my grandmom wears calvin’s happy thanksgiving

Do u think luigi would have c*m gutters

H*rny for platonic sexual healing

My hair looks too good 2day to stay inside, I think I need 2 kiss a stranger

I can’t even chill in bed in my underwear w/o my dad knocking & needing 2 tell me something “important” that actually isn’t that important

Wonder how concerned my parents would b if I brought a whole bottle of wine into my room…..

guess who’s heart physically hurts rn

oh fuck, not only is mercury in retrograde but yesterday would have been my ex and I’s 6 yr anniversary

pegging a boy is honestly in my top 5 things I wanna do b4 I die

how is it possible that buying cute underwear DIDN’T immediately cure my loneliness

some1 on tinder just had the audacity to tell me I look like I main Kirby in super smash bros. I’m not a goddam beginner !!!!!!!!!!

if u want a boy in NJ 2 fuck u just say u love blink 182

I need a trusted friend to take my phone away from me for one hour bc when I’m drunk I text boys

Nostalgia is making me tired & bored & quite frankly, a little sad. Pls keep your fond memories & wistful smile out of my FaACe

I want to…how do the French say it? Le Die

Is asking some1 2 join ur d&d party too serious

I’ve been missing so many hot tweets lately while kissing yikes srry

I want to write an entire book of all the dirty texts I’ve received in the past week

fucking a freudian leads to a lot of wild dirty talk

I’m always so thirsty for approval & external vindication which could maybe contribute at times to my inability to trust myself

Can some1 @ my mom and let her know that I worry enough about my own life & don’t need her worries too

is acting in a forward direction despite the negative influence of anxiety the key to not pausing your life while dealing with anxiety? Like pushing harder in the face of it all?

Is posting a cute selfie on ur insta story considered entrapment

I’m always scared to get into things ppl I’m close to are into bc I don’t want to be accused of stealing their personality

My hair looks like u can’t even tell I had cum in it 12 hrs ago

Kissin ’n’ conversation? Sign me tf up

Clarissa Explains Why My Interpretation of My Relationship With My Parents Contributes To My Intimacy Issues

“feeling” is pretty wild, not sure why I haven’t let myself do that but let me tell u, totally worth it even if u cry

It’s been 4 days since I’ve been kissed by The Boy, I’m trying 2 stay strong

When my brain and body are happy my Twitter content suffers & honestly, I’m so sorry to everyone who signed up for ghosts and Luigi and h*orny