"Loss" by Zac Smith

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for your loss. How many of these do I need to write? Too many. I can’t. I'm sorry for your loss. Darren was not just a wonderful employee -- he was a wonderful man. A wonderful man. A wonderful man. I never met him. Never met this man. All of us here are so sorry. Never met any of these guys. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not. I'm not really. I'm sorry for your loss. Jesus Christ. Marianne was an incredible member of the team. We cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through at this time. Deepest sympathies. Kindest regards. I'm sorry for your loss. Everyone's loss. Who were these people? How many of them? How many? Stephen was an immeasurable asset. What the fuck am I even saying. How many? Three hundred? We had that many people in the Miami office? I'm sorry for your loss. Lauren was one of our brightest stars. I have to write three hundred. Three hundred. By hand? By hand. Three hundred? We fit that many in Miami? This horrific tragedy has affected us all. I hated the Miami office. I'm sorry for your loss. It was a horrible building. I'm sorry for your loss. It was a horrible office. I'm sorry for your loss. Horrible city. I'm sorry for your loss. How many have I written? By hand. By hand. I didn't know any of these people. Your husband was a good man. I bet he wasn't. I bet he wasn't. I bet he was a louse. A piece of shit. A true piece of shit. An ass-grabber, an ass-kisser. An ass. Total ass. An incredible tragedy.A shit-heel. A bullshitter. A fucking piece of shit. Complete garbage. I'm sorry for your loss. By hand? I have to write these by hand? Your husband was a true leader. Three hundred sacks of garbage washed out to sea. I'm sorry for your loss. Our loss. Three hundred pieces of shit with idiot families. Your mother was an incredible employee. They found parts of the bodies up in South Carolina. Whole arms. Whole heads. Whole arms but with no fingers. Arms with just two fingers. They interviewed some teenagers in Jacksonville who found a whole body washed up on the beach. They called it radical. They called the corpse radical. It was radical that they found a corpse on the beach, they said. You and your family are in our prayers. By hand. By hand. My God. By hand.